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INSIGHT, is defined as the capacity to gain an accurate and deeply intuitive understanding. Tarot is a tool of empowerment that allows you to gain such insight; by consulting with the Divine and using the cards to communicate a powerful message. The accuracy of each reading is often astounding. And you can use each message to cultivate more love, success, and healing in your life.

Before each Blessed Tarot Reading, a prayer is said to bless and protect it to ensure the message is in fact divine and especially for you. 

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This live 1-hour call is a powerful and dynamic one-on-one session. It includes your Blessed Tarot Reading, Spiritual Coaching, Emotional Clearing, and even guided next steps on your path.

Take advantage of this opportunity to deepen in your experience with tarot and to experience the transformational love, growth and healing.

"It is my honor to provide this sacred offering to you. Using tarot in my own life has given me a powerful tool to consult with the Divine, and receive the insight necessary to make better decisions to create a happier and healthier daily existence for myself. My wish is that it provides the same life-changing benefits for you." - Ion


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Powerful messages of guidance in the palm of your hand! Each virtual reading is sent to you via email. It includes photos of your tarot cards, and a full interpretation of your divine message.

 Readings Starting at $33


Watch this quick video to learn how I conduct my Tarot Readings!



"I started a self love journey in December of 2016. It was something I knew I had to do for myself to truly be happy and at peace with all I had gone through in my life. I knew things were changing for me and I wanted to embrace the change. For months, I made conscious efforts, everyday, to remind myself why I should love myself. Self love did not come easy for me but I kept at it. 

One day I ran across Ion's instagram account while looking for positive people to follow. She was just that. I noticed she provided tarot card readings and knew right then I had to contact her. This first reading I requested was a Love Reading. 

I started talking with a guy who I was feeling quite excited about but had an "off" feeling. There is no question I want to find my person. My life's purpose is love. I got my reading from Christion and it wasn't what I wanted to hear. The man wasn't on the same page as me, he wasn't for me, basically this was not going to work. Ha! I have a bad habit of forcing things to work until it breaks me, so of course and continued talking to this guy. Until a few days after this reading and his true colors came out. He yelled at me and called me names and was just all around hateful for no reason. I tried reasoning with him and understanding where he was coming from but he wouldn't stop. I thought back to my reading and realized I was fighting a loosing battle. She was right and I needed to know more! 

I scheduled a live reading with Ion. I wanted to know about love again, but more so on a personal, self love level. I really needed to love myself before expecting someone to love me the way I deserve to be loved. This reading was beautiful! It was everything I knew but didn't know I knew...and more! Ion is a kind soul and she was able to solidify feelings I was having and reassure me I was going to be ok, more than ok! The tears were streaming down my face, my heart was swollen...she was my missing piece and she revealed what I needed to know to continue on my journey. Everyday is a different experience and now I am equipped to answer the questions and trials I am faced with. I am more confident. I use her readings as tools to my life, goal diggers (haha) and happiness reminders. She is my soul trainer...always in my heart, reminding me what I'm about and how I need to proceed. I am blessed to have found her!" 

- Sarah (New Mexico)

"Receiving my first reading from Ion was absolutely great! I sent my request for a virtual reading and was swiftly sent the image of my cards lovingly laid out. Shortly after that, I received a beautiful, descriptive and affirming reading, something that i've not had in a long time; I couldn't have been more pleased with my reading!

A message from the universe channeled through a beautiful soul!"

- Erika (New York)