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Blessings Dear One.

I am Ion. A name derived from the one given at birth in this realm and inspired by the Christ Consciousness: Christion. Fire-born under the sign of Leo. Desert bred as a nomad across the plains, plateaus, and mountainous regions of the West. My Spirit is wild and free.

Like you, I have a story. Some chapters teeming with high vibrations of joyous delight and awe-inspiring moments. While others contain grit, pain, and sorrow. But I turn each page with a wondrous excitement and hope for each tomorrow. For it is all for the good, all for growth, and the contrast between highs and lows creates the space for gratitude of all things hallowed. Everything we experience is a gift.

My wish for you is that you too can embrace the powerful revelations that life has taught me. We are Divine; Gaze upon the night sky or into a child's eyes and tell me you don't feel this truth. We are One; Fused by cosmic matter and weaved together by universal threads. We are pure Magic. 

I've birthed the Zion brand to bring us closer together as One, to provide sources of inspiration, and spaces to cultivate your own power to create.

Explore. Imagine. Enjoy.



Ascension is the act of rising to higher levels of consciousness; expanding your ability to contain more light. The truth is, everyday the universe is providing you with opportunities to help you grow into these new levels. But everyone has they're own unique challenges: emotional blocks, traumas to heal from, and/or outdated ways of thinking and being that prevent you from doing so. What I offer through Ascension Coaching is an opportunity to remove these blocks, receive profound healing, and bring to light new ways of understanding and approaching your own existence. I'll help you to uncover the beautiful truths and strengths that already exist within you. And give you the tools to continue powerfully on your life journey. This is your chance to advance into a true state of joyous enlightenment. You can get started today!

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Tarot is a powerful tool of divination. Receive insight and guidance from Spirit about your path. And gain new perspectives so you can consciously align with and create more harmony, love, and abundance in your life. 



The Global Sisterhood Pledge

This global movement's mission is to unify sisters - all of us, from around the world. Regardless of where we come from, what we look like, or what our life experience has looked like, we must come together in love for the greater good of the planet. Will you join us? Visit to take the pledge.