Divine Expressions

This year’s Burn, like all the others, was incredibly different than all the others. I went in with so much intentionality and a ritual to draw out and radically express the multitude of aspects of my own Divine Feminine being. As I was lovingly reminded, by my dear Brother Matt Belair, “Burning Man doesn’t give you want you want. It gives you what you need.” Although I massively achieved my desired outcome of my ritual, it didn’t exactly play out the way I had imagined. After all, I do know better than to go into Burning Man with any expectations at all. And I suppose that was a lesson for me as well. But I’m overwhelmed with gratitude to say that I was able to explore the aspect of me (my new favorite) that I refer to as The Temptress; fully expressing my emboldened sensuality without an ounce of apology. Along with The Mother, The Playful One, The Royal Empress, The Warrior, and The Wild One, they all were ever-present. And I loved to witness in myself how they all intermingle and co-exist with one another within me.

I’m also pleased and overjoyed to say that I also got to witness the Divine Masculine in glorious form. The only woman in my camp, I was provided with a beautiful and safe container of unending unconditional love, the sweetest encouragement and POWERFUL support, upheld by these extraordinary men.

I’ll share more about the experience with posts to follow in these coming days. For now I just want to thank God for allowing me to return home to the Playa once more. It’s medicine of expansive love, inspiration, revelation, and exploration was especially potent this year.

I am grateful. #theplayaprovides

Christion Robertson