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Being a conscious creator is a blessing twice over. Because you get to harness and express the raw energy of the Divine in a way that is especially unique to you. And you do this by not only serving the greater good of all by creating truly impactful content, but by creating bridges and doorways for people to access and draw closer to their own higher realms of consciousness. Remaining in this flow state can prove challenging when having to take on some of the important but inconvenient tasks necessary to carry out your mission. Which is exactly why I’ve put together this selection of Creative Services for Conscious Creators. Remain in your power and create with ease.


Social Media Mastery

Inspire + Growth. These two words are the benchmarks for brands who wish to make a significant impact and create a following of people who genuinely desire to be part of their community. But more important than the number of likes you accumulate, is the number of genuinely engaged followers that want to interact with you and your brand on a regular basis. The formula is simple, though proven difficult to master. A combination of timing, visually stimulating content, rousing and complimentary copywriting, along with the factor that cannot be imitated or duplicated… You. This is the factor that most find challenging; expressing your unique voice and having it stand out among millions of others.

The art of stunning and deeply impactful social media is available to you. Click below to start a conversation consultation or social media marketing services,


Live Event MGMT & Production

Connection is EVERYTHING. And real community can’t evolve without it. From yoga retreats to self-realization seminars, and immersive service oriented trips to certified teacher trainings… No matter what experience you want to provide your community, each involves a seemingly endless amount of logistics and project management tasks such as location scouting, vendor booking, digital marketing, and so on. All of this makes the process more painful and very difficult to remain present in your creative flow state. Lucky for you, I absolutely love all things logistics related and I LIVE for Live Event Production. Have an experience you’d like to create in the next 6-18 months? Click the button below to start a conversation about how I can support you in creating a successful and memorable event.

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Digital MARKETING Suite

Let’s just be honest. Who really enjoys designing a website? Do you? Do you really? Your online presence is more important than ever. And even with the most innovative and impactful content, your digital aesthetic needs to be bold, beautiful, and provoking. Immediately captivating your audience and inspiring them to explore and engage more.

Website design services starting at $2000. Digital Marketing services available a la carte. Click the button below to start a conversation about your design needs.