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Ascension is the act of rising to higher levels of consciousness. The truth is, everyday the universe is providing you with opportunities to help you grow and expand into an expression of your “Higher Self”— A new and highly evolved version of you is yearning and waiting to be revealed. But everyone has they're own unique challenges like outdated belief systems, toxic relationships, emotional distress, trauma, and so on that prevent you from doing so. What I offer through Ascension Coaching is an opportunity to remove these blocks, receive profound healing, and bring to light new ways of understanding and approaching your own existence. I'll help you to uncover the beautiful universal truths and strengths that already exist within you. And will give you the tools to continue powerfully with meaning and clear intention on your life journey. Your potential is limitless and the possibilities for what lies ahead of your are infinite. This is your chance to advance into a new and true state of joy and personal freedom.

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My goal is to create a purposeful and powerful experience that will help you come to a place of absolute clarity about what it is you truly want out of your life, and who it is you wish to become. Together, we'll map out the steps you need to take in order to get there. And through a process of thoughtful guidance, personal growth, and intentional action you will arrive at your most desired outcome.

Your desires are valid. You're absolutely capable and worthy achieving them. I want to be the one to walk with you on your journey. - Ion

Ion (Christion Robertson) is a Life Coach certified by The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. Schedule a free intro call with Ion today to discuss one-on-one coaching possibilities!

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The Radiant Goddess Experience

This one-on-one 6 month program is the ultimate journey in self love and divine feminine expression. In this process we'll lovingly uncover and address any untruths or wounds that prevent you from living in a state of full love and appreciation of yourself. You'll learn life-long practices that allow you to embrace and enhance the qualities that make you beautifully unique and radiant. And you'll stand empowered to live and authentically express yourself like the Goddess you are... Unapologetically powerful, wildly passionate, radiant, creative, intuitive, and a loving ruler of your Temple. If you desire to embody these and other magical qualities of the Divine Feminine, schedule your free intro call today! 

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Uplevel Ascension Coaching

This one-on-one 6-12 month coaching experience is designed to elevate you to higher realms of consciousness by massively shifting your level of awareness and lifting the veil between you and all that is. This is the path of ascension. The journey itself will guide you through various studies about your whole self (mind, body, spirit), spirituality, esoterical truths of the universe, and more.

If you desire a massive upwards shift in your consciousness, schedule your free intro call today!